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Dallas Texas, Houston, Chicago, Kansas City, Lubbock and beyond....if you are 5 to 10 years from retirement, or retired now we have great news for your retirement. Wake Up America!

Fed up with losing money on risky investments? Tired of drinking downstream from the herd? Break away from the herd, John Labunski CEO of Lincoln Wealth Strategies LLC and Host of Retirement Wealth Talk Radio has great news.

Low risk and Risk free investing in retirement is really pretty easy! Catch the Wave...$3Trillion has been reported moved to the safe money market, 11% of household assets. That wave though will grow to 29% of household assets as baby-boomers retire in record numbers, and seniors figure out the stock market is too risky.

John Labunski has simple retirement investment principles. The goal of his conservative talk radio shows is to educate you about low and risk free retirement solutions and then help Americans decide what options best fit your needs.

"If you had every dollar lost to the market back over the past ten years would you have more money or less?" asks John on air weekly. Even if you had huge gains in the good years, which most don't, half the gains and eliminate the loss and you will come out way ahead...right!

That is called the power of zero. If you do not lose 50%, then you do not need 100% gain to recover to even...or lose the years it might take to see a 100% accumulated gain! Imagine...your $500,000 after drop is still $500,000, and now when markets recover you see (not 100%) but a nice safe 50% gain. No loss, and you now have $750,000...instead of your original $500,000. Peace of mind, safety, security, and you have more money to protect your retirement and adjust to rising inflation.

With the current debt crisis in Washington and a gridlocked, dysfunctional government, it is more important than ever that you find the safety, security and guarantees that protect your retirement. "No one cares more about your money than you help us, help you" is the challenge that John has for listeners who are sick of losses in their retirement accounts.

John understands that you are looking for safety and security as well as a good return rate. His team can help you balance your portfolio with safety while providing tax savings for your retirement and your family Legacy.

John Labunski appreciates your concerns about leaving an inheritable security for surviving spouses, family members and loved ones. Find out how you can ensure their financial security as well, tax free instead of taxed for life.

If you have questions or concerns about your current or future retirement planning, please don't hesitate to contact John. His team of retirement, estate and tax experts are here to help.

If you would like more information about John Labunski, Lincoln Wealth Strategies llc, and Retirement Wealth Talk Radio, or to inquire about services offered, please submit the form below.

John Labunski resides and offices in Dallas and Houston, TX. However, due to his extensive travel schedule, office visits are by appointment only. Office locations in, The Woodlands, near Galleria, and Pearland in Houston - The Crescent, Williams Square, and Plano in Dallas, Oak Brook and Downtown in Chicago.

John Labunski
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