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The Beginnings

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John Labunksi had what many would consider a very “normal start”. This pied piper with a mission for Conservative Minded Investors nationwide, grew up in Rockford, Illinois with family-value based parents. His immigrant fraternal grandparents had brought their family into the American Dream. From those early years, John gained many solid core values that are missing in the Financial World today – as evidenced by one financial scandal after another. One important value that John credits to this time of his life is the respect of elders--something else that is sorely missing in today’s social and financial culture.

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If you have the fortune to spend any time with John, on or off the air, you can’t help but be impacted by his youthful energy, love of live and his passion for the truth. This, too, can be linked to those Rockford foundations. His grandparents all lived into their 90’s, and his Mother at 86 is still in great physical health today, but has advanced Alzheimer’s. John’s whole demeanor lights up when he speaks of her. “Mom retired from the Police force which surely kept me out of trouble for my entire lifetime, as well as most all of my friends back in the 70’s growing up.”

Unfortunately, John’s Dad died young with as many loose ends tied up to protect his family as a 57 year old might. Unfortunately, his legacy was small and his Mother could not afford risk or loss. The best of intentions did not leave behind much security, and that forever impacted John’s perspective. You can hear it in his voice on the radio with phrases like, “If you are 60 now… can you wait until your 70 again? If 70… until your 80?”

John recalls the lean years of his youth. “I remember at 14 years old, one Saturday I was talking to my Dad about needing some more cash to run with my buds. He listened, looked up, nodded his head, shook my hand and said “Good Luck”. That was it… ”

John was determined to be a success and decided to focus on his natural aptitudes. After graduating from college, top in his engineering class, he put his engineering and mathematics training to the test and rose quickly through the ranks to Chief Engineer. Heading projects from TVA Nuclear Facilities to the NASA launch pad, and then into Environmental Construction specializing in Superfund Projects and hazardous waste cleanup, he scaled the advancement ladder with ease and became President of the corporation. His successful strategies made millions for a number of investors, with safety and security built into each Business Plan.

With such a strong personal, business and investment background, John Labunski is well equipped to proclaim the “Wake Up America!” message of safe, risk free investment strategies. It’s not just talk radio, it’s his life.

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